Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1st Belly Pic of Baby #2

So I figured since I'm officially 17 wks along in my pregnancy with Baby #2 TODAY, what better way than to kick off my blog with my first Belly Pic! So far this pregnancy hasn't been all too different than when I was prego with Tori. I am showing a lot sooner and already feeling an achy back, but that is typical and to be expected!

And since Tori seems to have inherited my love of being in front of the camera (hee hee), she just had to have her picture taken too! She actually threw a fit until I said, "Say Cheeeese!" and Greg snapped a pic of her!


  1. Whhhoaaa! Congratulations lovey!!!! This is fantastic news! You just made my Tuesday :))) LOVE TO YOU AND THE FAMILY XXX Kisses from the big apple...I hope I can visit and meet the happy bunch soon!


  2. And, did I mention that you look amazing???!!!

  3. Such a great belly pic!! You do look great. And Tori is just as cute as ever! I can't wait to keep up with your blog.

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